The story of Cavernaijiu stems from this unique geographical location: natural caves located in the Shihaidong Township Scenic Area, Xingwen County, Yibin City, Sichuan Province. This is a national scenic spot and a world geological park. There are strange forests and stones here, underground karst caves criss-cross, and small rivers in the caves are slow, forming a huge group of underground karst caves, which can be called a wonder in the world.

In Xingwenju, there are hundreds of natural caves, but none of the developed caves is as huge as Shihai Dongtian, which is also the only cave in the local area that preserves the relics of “Bo People” . Bo People are ancient people active in Southwest China in ancient times.

The Chinese ancestors, Bo People, are said to be the first to create baijiu, and then the baijiu brewing technology gradually spread to the land of China.

The company’s liquor brand is named after name of the cave. We hope to inherit the spirit of the ancient ancestors, carry forward the traditional culture, focus on quality, and forge ahead in the new era, becoming a leader in the field of cave liquor and even Chinese liquor Industry.

CavernBaijiu, as the name suggests, is the Baijiu (Liquor) that has been brewed in clay pots and sealed for several years in caves. Usually there are a lot of negative ions in the cave, which can accelerate the aging of wine. At the same time, the effect of negative ions in the wine can increase the alcohol content of the wine and enhance the affinity of methanol molecules in the wine. Due to the effect of negative ions, hydrogen, ethyl Aldehydes and other components accelerate the escape from the wine, and the taste of sealed liquor will be more high-quality and mellow.

Liquor Jars Store in the Cave

In recent years, with the recovery of the Baijiu market, CavernBaijiu with special taste has gradually become a new outlet, and the collection value of high-quality CavernBaijiu has also attracted increasing attention.

CavernBaijiu has been operating high-quality liquor since 2014, and the storage is located in a natural cave in Xingwen County. Over the years of operation, the company now has thousands of tons of liquor, including Luzhou and Yibin strong-flavor liquor and high-alcohol puree liquor, as well as Maotai-flavor liquor from Gulin and Moutai.

The company’s customers have reached 10,000 people, including entrepreneurs, collectors, and a large number of liquor enthusiates in various industries. In short, CavernBaijiu has become a model of the same kind in China in the market segment of Baijiu liquor.

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